Hi. I'm Ahmad AboBakr.

A geek,and a Hard core gamer who happened to also be a game designer and developer.

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Game Development

Game Development

This is what I enjoy the most and spend most of my free time working on and trying to master



While I Enjoy Developing games the happiest time of my life was that when I was teaching others what I learnt

Open Source

Open source

I think none of us would do any thing without open source tools and projects to learn from, so I try to open source most of my work

Here’s some stuff I made recently.

while they are not much but those are the projects I like the most


A 3D infinite jumping game where you control plaforms to save and direct the player character

It was made using the Unity Game Engine and had multiple enviroment and PaperCraft paper toy that you can print


A 2D fast paced action game where you play as a gaint who moves from planet to another destroying every thing in his path

The game had cutout animation and procedully generated terrain and had a dig mechanic emplemented using mesh deformation and custom physics


An online multiplayer card game that have the rules of Basra( A famous Egyptian card game)

The server side was made with node.js and The client side with HTML5


A funny 2d post apocalyptic game about two dudes that was smoking pot onboard the ISS when suddenely earth was hit with a meteor and vanished,

this game was made for the global game jam using unity

Dizzy Bouncy

A stupid jelly ball managed to seperate itself from the jelly sea, try saving this jellyball from falling back to it.

This was an early protoType for the game "Poinky" it had slighly diffrent mechanics and was written using Cannon.js and Three.js


Boomber Ban

A 2d puzzle game that is cross over between the classic Boomberman and sokoban

It was mad with the phaser Game Engine and arcade physics and had a level editor

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